Do you build custom homes?

Yes, we are a fully custom home builder.  Our fee structure is based on a cost plus approach.

Do you offer floor plans ready to build? 

Yes, we offer speculative homes for those who are looking for a more turn-key product.  In the event that a speculative home is chosen we offer pre-selected design options.  More information can be provided for this type of service.

Do you offer renovation services?

Yes, based on nature of work.

Do you build on your own lot or ours?

We prefer to build on your lot.  This ensures that you receive the lot you most prefer.  At times we may have a lot which will allow for a speculative build.

What if I already have a lot in mind or purchased?

If you have already purchased a lot or are prepared to buy a specific lot we ask that you allow us to review the lot to offer any feedback regarding potential build constraints (i.e. square footage, pool, etc.).  We have found that this approach is best and gives confidence to our clients that the land they have purchased will align with their build needs.

Do you build in flood plains?

Allegiance Builders does not build in flood plains.  In order to build the best product and complete your build within a given timeline we are no longer accepting build contracts in flood plains.

How long will it take to build my home?

Once land has been purchased, financing secured and architecture completed our average build time is between 12-18 months (from the point of approval previously mentioned).  Prior to your contract being signed we will review plans and provide a more specific estimated time frame.  Time frame is based on inspections, bank financing, city approvals, material availability, design and weather. While other builders may guarantee to build in a lesser amount of time it is our goal to build you the most quality home possible.  We feel that quality of work vs. quantity of work is most important.

Do you offer a warranty?

Yes, all our homes come with a 1-year warranty secured through ACES Warranties.  We offer repairs for any items included under our warranty plan within one year of completion.

What are your standard product materials and features?

Please refer to the “Standard Product Features” section.

Do you work with an architect?

Yes, we have relationships with preferred architects we work with who are familiar with our build process.  We are happy provide you with our recommendations and allow you to finalize your home plans.

Do you work with a financial institution?

Yes, we have relationships with preferred banking institutions we work with who are familiar with our business model.  We are happy provide you with our recommendations and allow you to secure financing at your discretion.

Do you offer design services?

Yes, we offer design services via AB Design Studio on custom homes for an additional fee.  Design services include assistance on finishing selections (lighting, plumbing, hardware, cabinetry, paint, etc.).  We will provide a custom design services quote based on the level of involvement from our designer that you are interested in.

Design services with a speculative home are limited to assisting in pre-selected options.

How do we get started?

We like to begin with an initial consultation to discuss your needs, wishes and wants.  We use this time to review our process and provide answers to any questions you may have.  Following this meeting you will secure your land and architect (if not previously chosen) and we will offer our input on the type of build you are seeking as well as a project build.  At this point we will then execute a Builder/Homeowner contract along with an initial deposit to secure the build (either in the form of earnest money or a percent of your build cost build). An introductory meeting with your general contractor will be scheduled.  Upon city approvals we begin construction and provide a revised estimated build timeline.  From this point forward you will work closely with your designated general contractor and designer through various on-site “walks) and design meetings.